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assignment 2 - Upload essay two to iLearn If you do not...

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Upload essay two to iLearn. If you do not turn in the essay through iLearn/turnitin, then I will not read your essay until you do-- and your essay will be considered late even if you give me the hard copy on time. You have until 9:30 am on Tuesday 11/9/2010. When you turn in your final draft in the folder, do not forget thatyou must include the following: 1) A final draft. Underline your thesis statement. Write or type final draft on the front page. 2) The rough draft from your peer review and the peer review sheets. If the peer review sheets are not included, then five points will be taken away from your grade. 3) You also need to include the question/plan that I approved or commented on (either the piece of paper that I returned-- or the one I commented on through email if you emailed it to me). If this is missing, then I will not read your essay. 4) The quotations that you gathered from all six of your sources. 5) a brief letter that outlines your successes and difficulties writing the essay.
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