Marijuana-Pornography - English 214 - Group Essay Project...

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English 214 - Group Essay Project For this project, each group will fully research the historical, cultural, legal, moral and health issues of either marijuana or pornography. This is a straightforward research/information project, so do not include any of your own personal opinions or viewpoints about using marijuana or watching pornography. Since this is a group project, you may break the project down into sections and have each member of your group do the research and writing for that section, but you are also working as a group, so this must be a collaborative effort. You will need to get together as a group more than once to discuss your findings and map out how you want to arrange the finished project. I will provide some class time for the project, but you will also need to meet outside of class as well. You will need a structure that ties together the various threads of research and subject matter. You are not arguing for a viewpoint, so you do not need a formal argumentative thesis, but you do need (1) an introduction, (2) transitions between each section and (3) a conclusion that sums up the various threads. Each member must contribute equally to the project: (1) gathering research (2) writing a section (3) editing the final completed draft. Oral Presentation : Each group must prepare and present a class presentation that is approximately 30 minutes in length and discusses a specific health or social
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Marijuana-Pornography - English 214 - Group Essay Project...

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