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Name__________________________________ Sentence Focus Directions: Focus these sentences 1. The incidence of moonlighting among schoolteachers is high. 2. The reason for Maybelle’s desire to leave Minneapolis was her desire to avoid the harsh winter weather. 3. Similarities exist in the strategies Jackson and LeGuin use to portray the conflict between individual conscience and the influence of the social group. 4. With the growing use of Powerpoint in academic and business settings, the advantages and disadvantages of the technology should be considered by speakers. 5. To comply with the new laws, there are too many expenses that a family daycare provider must contend with. 6. There are three points in the story where the author uses foreshadowing. 7. On San Francisco Beaches, it is beautiful but too cold for sunning and or swimming. 8. The candidate’s decision to drop out of the race occurred when she fell to sixth place in the polls. 9. There is a tendency in the main character to damage relationships with everyone she meets. 10. The success of the project will only be achieved if the contribution of every team member is a 100% effort.
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Combine these groups of sentences into a single sentence using coordinators and subordinators. Babies are born.
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take_home_exercise - Name_ Sentence Focus Directions: Focus...

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