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MEMORANDUM TO: POLICY STUDENTS FROM: S. Malik, M. Pulido and M. Wilson SUBJECT: FINAL POLICY MEMORANDUM of 6 to 8 pages DATE: Spring 2011 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This section should include a brief summary of what the issue is, why a decision should be made, what the key information is, and your policy recommendation along with a description of any additional research that should be done. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM This section gives a concise overview of the problem. Don’t get caught up in describing the problem in a lot of detail. This section should be short, to the point and set the tone for the remainder of the memo. BACKGROUND This section should provide relevant background information on this issue. Explain how this issue has become a concern and why it deserves attention. This section describes the key issues to be addressed by the policymaker as well as the positions that others have on the issue. DATA AND ANALYSIS Graph or chart and brief analysis of same is required; you may decide in which section to put this-- problem, background, options, or recommendation. STAKEHOLDER ANALYSIS In this section, you will identify key players and their roles. It is essentially an assessment of the political feasibility of one or more of the options you will present. OPTIONS DEVELOPMENT Analyze and compare different possible options for the policymaker to take. Some things to think about and include in your analysis are: overall pros/cons, risks/potential opposition, costs/benefits or cost efficiency, feasibility issues, who are the stakeholders, who are the winners and losers, and any potential unintended consequences. You will use a matrix to help make your comparisons clear to the reader. CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION Briefly summarize your findings. Describe the policy action you recommend and explain why. Be sure to include any foreseeable negative aspects (potential political risks, feasibility issues, etc.) to the policy and try to suggest solutions (or recommend what might need to be done to find a solution). REFERENCES List at least six to eight credible references here; use APA format. Writing the Policy Memorandum 1
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For the final paper, you will write a 6-8-page policy memorandum. You may choose any policy related to health or the social determinants of health and submit your topic proposal for instructor approval by the date indicated in the timetable below. In your paper, you will analyze a policy issue using at least three of the criteria we learned in class, and compare at least three different policy options. You will conclude with recommending a policy action. The audience for your paper may be policymakers, an advocacy organization, or another appropriate person/group of your choosing. Your final paper should exhibit standard memo-style and language, concise writing, have
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reading & assignments - MEMORANDUM TO POLICY STUDENTS...

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