Efolio_Requirements_Rubric - As we begin to approach the...

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E-folio Requirements Rubric- Draft As we begin to approach the end of the semester, you will need to continue (or begin) to build upon your E-folio page. At this point, you will need to incorporate reflective statements and evidence of work from each of your Metro Academies courses onto your E-folio site. Each E-folio sites should be organized as follows: 1. Welcome Statement You can use this space to welcome your viewer to your site as well as provide a brief  summary of what they can find on the different pages of your E-folio site within 50-100  words. Feel free to be creative and add images, quotes, or other meaningful pieces to  liven up this page.  2. Metro Coursework This is the main page where viewers can link to your General Education and Health  Education Courses to access your work. In no more than 50 words, provide a brief  summary of the courses you have completed during your time with Metro Academies.  You will need to upload coursework (such as final paper, projects, etc) AND  write brief  reflections for each of the courses listed below. To upload documents onto your E-folio page, click on “New Content” tab located on the 
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Efolio_Requirements_Rubric - As we begin to approach the...

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