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Policy_brief_proposal - TYPED 2-3 paragraphs proposal...

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Assignment: Policy Brief Proposal DUE: Tuesday, April 11 th , 2011 Instructions: Now that you have identified which groups you will be working with, you will need to come up with a topic for your final policy brief assignment. Your topic must be related to both a policy and health related issue. In addition, you will need to incorporate 1-2 sources in this brief. As a group, you will need to submit one
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Unformatted text preview: TYPED , 2-3 paragraphs proposal discussing the following points: • What is the policy brief topic? • What problem will your policy brief address and why is it significant? • How is this topic related to a particular health issue? • How is this topic related to a particular policy issue? • Which audience will your policy brief address?...
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