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Health Education 120 Education Justice, Health Equity and Academic Success Fall 2009 Assignment: Journal Article Comparison Assignment Now that you have written an article analysis, you are ready to compare and contrast this article with another research article on the same or similar topic. This is the start of a literature review. Literature reviews analyze a body of literature—in this case, we will start with two articles. A literature review is not a summary of the content contained in the literature; it is an analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of the information discussed, the methods employed, the findings, and any other predominant themes that you find compelling between the two articles. To begin, select a second research article on the same topic as your first research article. The topic and community that the research focused on should be similar. There will be slight differences, but the general topic should be same and the population should be similar (sample topics where there is a body of research include: HIV and men; infant mortality and Latinas, asthma and youth). In your essay, please address the following areas: Analyze the journal article and write a paper responding to the following : Compare and Contrast (3 rd person) What is similar and different about the author and articles: Purpose of the study or research
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Final_Journal_Article_Comparison_Assignment_Sp10 - Health...

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