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Reflective_Writing_Assignment_on_Event - • This is...

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Health Education 120 Education Justice, Health Equity and Academic Success Spring 2010 Assignment: Reflective Writing on Event/Action You have been assigned to attend an event or action dedicated to the public education budget crisis. This assignment is a reflective piece, which involves you writing your ideas, feelings, and your awareness of your behavior at the event. Requirements : Paper must be typed . You will hand in a physical copy to your instructor on the due date. Please put your full name, the date and the course number in the upper right-hand corner of the paper before you start writing your entry. Your paper should be at least 2 pages, double spaced in a 12 point, readable font Paper will be graded for both content (meeting the needs of the assignment) and style (organization of thoughts, paragraph structure and free from punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors)
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Unformatted text preview: • This is reflective writing, so feel free to use “I” in this paper. Guiding Questions: • Which event/action did you attend? • Have you attended events/actions like this before? • Who else did you see at the event/action (ie: teachers, students, parents, etc)? • How did you feel attending this action/event? • What did you learn from this action/event? • How does this event/action relate to community health and education justice? • What experiences did you gain from this event/action? Checklist Number of Points Possible Number of Points Received Clearly describes the event/action 10 Discusses feelings and thoughts 10 Makes connections with community health and education justice 10 Shares other interesting information 10 Thoughts are organized and clearly stated (writing process) 10 Total Points 50...
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Reflective_Writing_Assignment_on_Event - • This is...

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