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Health Education 120 Education Justice, Health Equity and Academic Success Spring 2010 Assignment: Research Article Analysis Assignment Research plays a critical role in public health. Research is used to identify and understand public health and community needs and strengths, plan and implement programs, and evaluate outcomes related to those programs. Research is often published in peer-reviewed journals. Many communities are often the subject of research, but do not know how to access or interpret this research. As people wanting to make positive health changes in our communities, it is critical that we are skilled in accessing and interpreting research in peer-reviewed journals. The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to practice these skills in accessing and interpreting research, and begin to familiarize yourself with the goals, language and structure of research articles. Article Analysis and Summary Select one community health related article from a peer-reviewed journal. The article must describe a research study of some kind as opposed to a book review or editorial piece. Please only select an article published in the last five years. You will be using this article in a second assignment, so make sure that you are interested in the topic and that you will be able to find similar research articles on this topic with this community. Read the article using reading strategies such as SQ3R, annotating, highlighting or other helpful strategies. Analyze the journal article and write a paper responding to the following:
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Research_Article_Analysis_Assignment_Sp10 - Health...

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