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SUGGESTED BINDER ORGANIZATION From AVID with modifications from the MHA instructors) 1) Sets of Cornell Notes and Warm Ups Warm ups : Write the question and the answer on a piece of loose leaf paper. Make sure to date each entry. Keep a running tab of the warm ups—no need to do one per page. Cornell Notes : What is a set? notes from one 90 minute class (this may mean several pages) notes from one reading assignment notes from a movie . 2) Handouts 3) Homework Assignments and “In Progress”
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Unformatted text preview: 4) Returned Work (graded papers, quizzes, etc.) 5) Your choice Calendar (this can be part of your binder, or could be another way that you keep track of assignments and important dates) Glossary (a place to write down unfamiliar terms and their definitions for easy reference) Miscellaneous Cool Things (pictures, articles, comments, affirmations, anything that encourages or inspires you)...
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