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Community Mapping Assignment (175 points) DUE IN CLASS: ____________ Community Mapping: The larger environment and the local neighborhood affect health in many ways. A community health assessment provides a way to document the factors that impact the health of the individual and the community. Mapping is a tool to show graphically those things in the environment that impact health. The map should include strengths or assets of the community, as well as risks, problems or needs . Your presentation will also include analysis of the neighborhood, with reference to the map. This is a group assignment. Groups may include two, three or four people. Creating A Community Map: 1. Choose a neighborhood you would like to map. It can be your own neighborhood, one you spend time in, or one you would like to get to know. 2. Select in your group a “population of interest.” That is, choose what group of people you will have in mind as you create a map. You will map the assets and needs of the community in relation to health for that population. For instance, it could be youth, the elderly, new immigrants, people with disabilities, Asian/Pacific Islanders, or people living with HIV/AIDS. Any category can work. 3. In your group, decide on the boundaries of the area you will investigate. You may have a section of the city map blown up to write on, or you may design your own map. You may want to make a “draft” of the map to use as you go, and revise it to make a final for your class presentation. 4. Develop a list of factors you will look for that could impact the health of your “population of interest.” Take into consideration things that could impact health in a broad sense. 5. Then decide how your group will carry out the actual work of mapping. For example, you may choose to divide up the area, or divide up tasks, or do a walk-through of the neighborhood together. You may need to do some Internet or library research as well. (Some suggested websites are at the end of this assignment.) There will be some time in class for your group to meet, but you will also have to arrange for meetings outside of class. Health 221: Community Mapping 1
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6. Create a map. Indicate on the map the community resources that you identified, along with a key or legend of symbols you used, if any. Make it as neat, clear and attractive as you can. Check spelling and legibility. Reporting to the Class with your Map: 7. Bring to class on the due date a display of your map , along with an outline for making a brief class presentation ( 10 minutes ) about your map and any sources you consulted for information on your neighborhood or population of interest (citations). 8.
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Community_Mapping_Assignment - Community Mapping...

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