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Health 221 Health and Social Justice Assignment: Health Issue Research Paper For this assignment, you will choose a health issue and a particular population that is important to you and develop an informative research paper. General paper guidelines: 6-8 pages total, double spaced in a readable 12 point font Reference at least 5 high quality sources (peer-reviewed journals, government or foundation reports, newspaper articles). Please use no more than one newspaper article. Write in third person. Do not use the word “I” in this paper Attach the brainstorm, outline, resource bibliography, rough draft and peer review feedback to your final paper Paper Sections and Instructions Section 1: Defining the Health Issue (4-5 pages) Topic Selection 1. Begin by choosing a population you care about. For example, you may decide to look at low- income seniors, African-Americans, Filipina women, etc. The more specifically you narrow your population, the easier it will be to do research. 2. Choose a location. Will you look at the health issue across the country? Will you look at a particular country outside the United States? Do you want to know more about a city or county locally? 3. Choose a topic that is of interest to you related to a particular health issues. You may work on the same issue you chose for your ecological model assignment. Some questions that may help you focus your topic: What aspect of health is important to you? (Remember: think health in a really broad sense!) How have you or someone you know been affected by particular social determinants of health? 1
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Examples of topics could include : housing availability for low-income or homeless folks, the prevalence of violence against transgender individuals, toxic waste facilities in communities of color, or any other topic you want to know more about. Research 4. Research the topic. Use sources such as academic, peer-reviewed journal articles, newspaper and journalistic style writing, community based organization reports and government and foundation publications to make your argument. 5. For this section of your paper, you must cite at least 5 sources using APA format. Write Up 6. Make sure to address the following in your write up (the actual written paper). a) Write a clear introduction where you state the topic and describe why it is important. This section should also have your thesis statement for the rest of the paper.
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Health_Issue_Research_Paper - Health 221 Health and Social...

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