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Library Research and Narrowing a Topic Worksheet Name_____________________________________________________ Step 1 : Define the Research Question What is the general topic or health problem you are addressing? What major insights do you already have about the topic? What questions do you have about the topic? Can you list aspects of the topic, such as: Target population Location Time period that is most relevant Step 2: Translate the question into search terms. What are the major concepts of the research question? What keywords and synonyms can be used for each concept, to help you search for articles or reports? Concept 1: Keywords: Concept 2: Keywords: Concept 3: Keywords:
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As you begin researching articles, books or reports for your paper (after the presentation by
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Unformatted text preview: Librarian, Pam Howard) you may find the following chart useful to keep you on track. Step 3: Identify the types of information you need List 8 preliminary sources of information using the chart below. Examples include books, journal articles, newspapers, government publications, and resources on the web. Title Author Publication Details How did I find it? If web based, list the url 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Step 4: Decide on your next steps What are you going to focus on next? Do you still need more resources? Refine your search terms in the space below and make notes of where you are going to find the needed sources....
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Library_Research_Worksheet - Librarian Pam Howard you may...

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