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Outline and Bibliography Components (20 points) In order to receive all 25 points for this piece, your outline and bibliography must have the following: Components Your Points Total Points A working title of the paper based on the thesis statement 2 points Specific thesis statement 5 points Introduction and Conclusion topic sentences 2 points Full sentence outline of paper ( at least 6 major points of argument or "main heads" with appropriate sub-headings). These major points and sub-headings will become your paragraph topic sentences and will then be supported by examples 6 points Working Bibliography (at least 5 high quality sources) written in
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Unformatted text preview: APA format. 5 points 20 points Rough Draft of Part I (30 points) In order to receive all 30 points for this piece, your rough draft of Part I must address the following: Components Your Points Total Points Clear introduction with a thesis statement embedded 5 points Clear definition of the health issue and a description of the scope of the problem 8 points Detailed causes and risk factors that tie to the ecological model 10 points Explanation of the consequences of the health issue 7 points 30 points...
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