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Peer Review Questions 1. Identify three words, phrases or images in the paper that are especially strong and explain why. 2. List any ideas, images or words that need clarification, and explain why. 3. What is the main idea of this paper? Could you tell that easily, or did you have to work at figuring it  out? 4. How effective is the introduction? In what ways did it arouse your interest? How well does it  establish a context for the thesis? 5. Is the paper a cohesive unit? Which parts need to be connected more fully?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. How logical and convincing is the overall argument? If not entirely, why not? 7. Does the paper detail the health issue? Are the causes and risk factors clear? 8. Is there enough evidence to prove the problem? Does it tie to the ecological model? 9. Are the solutions clear and show how community is involved? 10. If you were going to correct three things about this paper that would make it better, what three things would they be?...
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