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Health 221 Health and Social Justice Assignment: Reflective Writing Reflecting personally on movements can be a powerful way to remember and a deep way to process your own involvement in creating social change. Because this is reflection, using “I” statements is perfectly acceptable. I want to hear what you think. This paper should be 2 pages, double-spaced in a readable, 12-point font. Please answer the following questions in your reflection: How do you relate to current social movements? Choose one social movement in particular you identify strongly with and describe your link to it. What are the main things in the current political and social environment that affect the progress of the movement? What things help it along? What things hinder it? Where do you see a strategic opportunity for change within this movement?
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Unformatted text preview: Give an example of something you read in this class that informs future your ideas for the future success in this movement. Paper Sections and Instructions Structure this paper with complete sentences and well formed paragraphs. You can decide the flow, structure and tone of your paper. You may also decide to write it as a narrative piece, as a poem or a letter. Be sure to answer all the questions in your reflection though, no matter what form it takes. Grading This paper will be graded differently than other papers in this classroom. You will receive an A if your paper shows deep thought, and a lot of effort. You will receive a B if your paper shows some thought and some effort. You will be asked to rewrite the paper, if it does not receive an A or a B. 1...
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