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Humanities 303 Paper #2 Due in class, Dec 7 Works to choose from for paper: Marriage of Figaro, Pride and Prejudice, Aya, Monsoon Wedding, Emma Goldman or Laura Kipnis (you may use only one of the two) Choose two of the works listed above and develop a 5-page paper – with a thesis backed up by evidence – in response to one of the following topics/prompts: 1. How do relationships between women differ from relationships between men and women? What roles to female friendships play in these texts? What are the works saying about female friendships? 2. How important is class position to the characters’ choices in life? What are these works saying about the relationship between love and class position? 3. What are these works saying about sex? What are they saying about the relationship between sex and love? (Are they making moral judgments about sexual behaviors?) 4. What are these works saying about the situation, specifically, of intelligent, educated women in male-dominated societies?
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Unformatted text preview: What particular obstacles, difficulties, or opportunities to women enjoy? 5. What are these works saying about marriageas an institution, a relationship, a life event? Are they celebrating or lamenting marriage, and how/why are they doing so? Are they differentiating between good and bad marriages, and if so how? 6. How do these works define and how do they value romantic love? (A way to get thinking about this one: what would the authors/film maker say were they a guest at Platos Symposium?) As before, my grading takes into account the following:--is there a clear thesis?--is it supported by evidence in the form of quotations from the texts or film, and/ or specific observations about the film?--is the thesis interesting, does it go beyond stating the obvious?--is the writing clear, precise, grammatically correct?--have you proofread before handing it in?--do you have an interesting and informative title?...
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