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HUMANITIES 303 CULTURAL PERIODS AND STYLES T/Th 11-12:15, HUM 408 Dr. Cristina Ruotolo * Office : HUM 409 * Contact Info : (415) 338-1099; [email protected] * Office Hours : T 10-11, 12:30-1:30, 3:30-4:30; Th 10-11; by appt. Course Description “Cultural Periods and Styles” is the Humanities major core course that introduces students to ways of thinking and writing about the arts in relation to historical moments and contexts . How, we will ask, do cultural works engage with their original time and place? What do they tell us about that time and place and how do their meaning and value change over time? Our particular focus will be the theme of romantic love in the arts, from ancient to contemporary, across several different regions of the world. Love, too, as we shall see, has a history: as a concept, as a practice, and as the focus of the arts. How has love been defined and understood at different historical moments and in different parts of the world? How, we will ask, do these works help us to think about love’s relationship to sex, marriage, power, social hierarchy, and the arts at different times and in different places? Learning Objectives I hope that you will come away from this course with the following: A familiarity with the historical contexts of the materials on our syllabus; An ability to read and analyze fiction, drama, poetry, songs and films critically, and to develop and support arguments about their meaning, value and significance; An ability to identify and write thoughtfully about some of the dominant attitudes toward and ideas of love across time and place;
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Humanities_303Fall10.revised - HUMANITIES 303 CULTURAL...

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