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Problem Solving worksheet[1]

Problem Solving worksheet[1] - 7 Tara paid $42.60 for a...

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MATH 60.18 - ALGEBRA I - Thomas Rizzolo Section 2.5: Problem Solving 1. Given the perimeter of a rectangle is 51 inches and that the length is twice as long as it is wide. What are the dimensions of the rectangle? 2. Diane left a $4 tip for a meal that cost $25. a) What percent of the cost of the meal was the tip? b) What is the total cost of the meal including tip? 3. The sum of two consecutive numbers is 117. What are the two numbers? 4. The cost of a taxi in ABC City is $3.10 for the first mile and $1.80 for each additional mile. How many miles can Gary go with $13? 5. Steve scored 78 points on a test that had 4 fill-in questions worth 7 points each and 24 multiple choice questions worth 3 points each. He had one fill-in question wrong. How many multiple choice questions did he get right? 6. Three less than twice a number is 19. What is the number?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Tara paid $42.60 for a shirt including the 9.25% tax. How much did the shirt cost before applying the tax? 8. Yesterday, Sarah purchased a shirt and pair of pants. If the shirt cost three more than half the price of the pants and she paid a total of $84: a) How much did the shirt cost? b) How much did the pants cost? 9. The houses on the east side of Main Street are numbered with consecutive odd numbers. Tim and Cyrus are neighbors whose house numbers add up to 836. Find their house numbers. 10. Kat bought a broken record player for $80, fixed it, and sold it for $96. Elizabeth bought a new dress for $36, added some embellishments and sold the dress for $45. Who got the best return on their investment? (hint: calculate the percent increase for each) 1...
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