WGS_160_F_2011_syllabus - Fall 2011 WGS 160 Gender,...

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Unformatted text preview: Fall 2011 WGS 160 Gender, Politics, and Citizenship MWF 9:10-10:00 HUM 133 Instructor: Cael Keegan, PhD cmkeegan@sfsu.edu Office: HUM 318 Graduate Assistant: Jenne Schmidt jschmidt@mail.sfsu.edu Instructors office hours: MWF 1o:00-11:00, and by appointment GAs office hours: W 10:00-11:00 (in HUM 315) Course Description: This course examines ideas about U.S. citizenship. We will look at citizenship as an important site for understanding the production of norms and as a site to understand the construction of race, class, gender, and sexuality. This course will not survey women in politics; rather, we will dis- cuss how U.S. institutions, politics, and ideologies produce and represent ideas about citizenship. The course will examine multiple institutions and ideologies to gain insight into the meanings of citizen- ship, focusing specifically on the institutions of the law, marriage, immigration, and the military. While this course is chronological and based in the U.S., at times we will look forward, at other times we will look backward, and we will often look outside the borders of the U.S. nation-state. This course will look at the institutions and technologies by which citizens are produced. We will examine laws and legislation, film and television, scholarly and popular texts, and art and music to gain insight into how the concept of the U.S. citizen has been imagined and how it has worked to produce ideolo- gies of difference. Course Materials: All course materials are located on this courses ERes page. Go to http://eres.sfsu.edu/eres/courseindex.aspx?error=&page=search The password is leprechaun. COURSE REQUIREMENTS: The course grade consists of class participation and attendance, review quizzes, one reading response, one group paper, one midterm, and one final. This course fulfils the U.S. government and California state and local government General Education requirement. Review Quizzes: 10% Participation 10% Reading Response: 10% Group Paper: 20% Midterm: 25% Final: 25% EXPECTATIONS: I expect that you respect me, each other, and the materials we are exploring together. Please be on time. Please do not talk in a disruptive manner. Please also turn off all cell phones and other electronic devices during class. Students using any device for any purpose other than taking notes or reviewing class materials will lose participation points. Students who are repeatedly warned about using devices during class time may be asked to leave the room and may have their grades docked. PARTICIPATION: I expect that all students will come to class prepared to participate. This includes PARTICIPATION: I expect that all students will come to class prepared to participate....
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WGS_160_F_2011_syllabus - Fall 2011 WGS 160 Gender,...

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