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DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY & BIOCHEMISTRY 1600 Holloway Avenue San Francisco, CA 94132-4163 Tel: 415/338-1288 Fax: 415/338-2384 CHEM 215 page 1 of 1 Fall 2011 CHEM 215, General Chemistry II Fall 2011 Reflection #1: Introduction and study habits Due 8 am Thursday, September 22. In a short letter to your instructor (150-250 words), please answer the following questions. Include anything you would like me to know about you that might impact your performance in CHEM 215. There is no penalty for going beyond the required word count. 1. Why are you taking CHEM 215? If it is a requirement for your major or a prerequisite for a certificate, career path, or degree program, why do you think it’s a requirement/prerequisite? Why
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Unformatted text preview: are you interested in that major or certificate/degree program/career path? 2. By now, you should have attended CHEM 215 lectures, responded to in-class clicker questions, read assigned sections in Silberberg, completed OWL homework assignments, solved some suggested Silberberg problems, and discussed some topics with friends or other students. How will these different activities help you master the learning objectives of CHEM 215? Are some activities more beneficial than others? If so, which one(s)? How much time have you spent each week on CHEM 215 activities? Is that sufficient time? 3. What challenges do you envision encountering when preparing for CHEM 215 exams? How will you address these challenges?...
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