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Exam number: CHEM 215, General Chemistry II Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry EXAM TWO, 28 Apr 2011 San Francisco State University Print your name and exam number on the Scantron form and on your green book. Print your name, SFSU ID number, select the exam-return method, and sign the certification on back cover of this exam. A periodic table, list of abbreviations, and physical constants, including standard reduction potentials, are included with this exam. Any stand-alone calculator may be used. Use of any other materials during the exam will be considered to be an act of cheating and will be reported to the Student Disciple Office. All personal items other than a calculator and writing instruments must be put inside a pack or other container (this includes textbooks, lab manuals, notes, cell phones, iPods, etc.). Unless stated otherwise, assume that strong electrolytes are 100% ionized and all solutions are at 25 o C. The exam period is 9:35—10:50 (75 minutes). You must put your green book, with this exam and your Scantron form inside the green book, in the exam box by10:55 am. Exams will not be accepted after 10:55 am. You are responsible to check your exam for completeness! Mutiple-choice questions. This exam includes 14 multiple-choice questions worth 8 pts each. When you have selected your answer, blacken the corresponding space on the SCANTRON answer sheet with a soft, black #2 pencil. Make a heavy, full mark, but no stray marks. If you decide to change an answer, erase the unwanted mark very carefully. There is only one correct answer to each question. Any questions for which more than one response has been blackened will not be counted . Your score is based solely on the number of questions you answer correctly. It is to your advantage to answer every question. The best strategy is to arrive at your own answer to a question before looking at the choices. Otherwise, you may be misled by plausible, but incorrect, responses. Problems. This exam includes 3 problems worth a total of 88 pts. Begin your answer to each problem on a new page in your green book, starting with the first page in the book. Write the problem number on the top of every page used to answer the problem.
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chem215-exam02-s2011[1] - Exam number CHEM 215 General...

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