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This exam includes a period table of the elements, a list of abbreviations and symbols, and a list of physical constants. No other materials are allowed during the exam. ABBREVIATIONS AND SYMBOLS CONSTANTS amount in moles n ampere A atmosphere atm atomic mass unit u Avogadro constant N A Celsius temperature °C coulomb C electromotive force E energy of activation E a enthalpy H entropy S equilibrium constant K Faraday constant F free energy G frequency ν gas constant R gram g hour h joule J kelvin K kilopascal kPa liter L measure of pressuremmHg minute min molal m molar M molar mass
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Unformatted text preview: M mole mol mole fraction Plancks constant h pressure P rate constant k reaction quotient Q second s speed of light c temperature, K T time t volt V volume V R = 8.314 Jmol 1 K 1 R = 0.0821 Latmmol 1 K 1 1 F = 96,500 C 1 F = 96,500 JV 1 N A = 6.022 10 23 mol 1 h = 6.626 10 34 Js c = 2.998 10 8 ms 1 1 atm = 760 mmHg = 101.3 kPa V (ideal gas) at STP = 22.4 Lmol 1 1 cal = 4.184 J o C = K + 273.15 Note: Negative exponents (e.g., g mL 1 ) are used rather than a solidus (e.g., g/mL)...
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