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Reflection Writings – Overview and Instructions For you to turn knowledge into something you can use, it is important to reflect on what you know and what issues are still confusing to you. You will be required to submit ten reflections via iLearn. Each reflection assignment will be posted on iLearn at least one week before its due date. The assignment will include prompts for you to write about or respond to. You should spend approximately 30 minutes considering the prompt and responding in writing. These reflections are not meant to be formal essays, or finely polished documents for public view. They should show your own ideas and thought processes, and should be as much for your own benefit as mine. Each reflection should be 150-200 words and address the question(s) or prompt(s) for the unit. Each reflection assignment is graded on a 6-point scale. Late submissions are accepted up to 48 hours after the due date, and will receive a maximum of half credit (3 points). Reflections are intended as a learning tool to provide you with a regular opportunity to reflect on
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