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Assessing the role of internships in the career-oriented employment of graduating college students Gerard Callanan and Cynthia Benzing Introduction Existing theories of career management posit that the attainment of individual success and satisfaction is based on finding a job that is consistent with one's personal characteristics and expectations ±Feldman, 2002; Greenhaus et al. , 2000). It is believed that career success and fulfillment are a function of the individual optimizing the ``fit'' between their personal characteristics and their work environment. Prior research supports this conclusion, with past studies showing that when their work and organizational experiences are in line with their needs, interests, values, and life-style preferences, people are more satisfied with their career choices and jobs ±Bretz and Judge, 1994; DeFruyt, 2002; Ton and Hansen, 2001), have higher performance ±Muchinsky and Monahan, 1987; Tziner et al. , 2002), have more favorable work attitudes ±Cable and Judge, 1996), show reduced stress and burnout ±Meir et al. , 1995), and have greater job stability in terms of tenure ±Bretz and Judge, 1994). Tinsley ±2000), in an extensive review of person-environment ±P-E) research over the past five decades, concluded that P-E models are a valid and efficacious tool in understanding how people make career choices and manage their careers to maximize success and satisfaction. In order for one to achieve a fit or consistency with the work environment, it is necessary to have awareness of one's personal characteristics and expectations as well as an understanding of various work environments ±Greenhaus et al. , 2000). In theory, by taking this awareness of the person, as represented by interests, abilities, personality and life-style preferences, and comparing it with an understanding of various work environments, as represented by job responsibilities and demands, one should be able to determine whether a fit is possible. This awareness and understanding is facilitated in several ways, including the conduct of formal and informal self- and environmental- exploration activities, vicarious life and work experiences, and consultations with family, friends, and co-workers ±Greenhaus et al. , 2000). For college students, one of the primary mechanisms for the conduct of self- and environmental- exploration is the completion of The authors Gerard Callanan is Associate Professor and Cynthia Benzing is Professor, both at West Chester University, West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA. Keywords Careers, Socialization, Students, United States of America Abstract This study assessed the relationship between the completion of an internship assignment prior to graduation and subsequent employment in a career-oriented job after graduation. Subjects for the study were 163 seniors graduating with a business degree from a large public university in the mid-Atlantic region of the USA. Results showed that the completion of an internship assignment was linked with finding career-oriented employment, but
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Assessing_internships_article[1] - Introduction Assessing...

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