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ENVS 680 Fall 2011 8/16/11 ENVS 680. ENVS Internship Professor Barbara Holzman, PhD Fall 2011 SYLLABUS - ENVS 680 Environmental Studies Internship Instructor: Barbara Holzman. Office: 339 HSS. Office Hours: Mon 1-3, Wed 1-2 and by appointment Phone (415) 338-7506 Email: [email protected] (put “ENVS680” at start of subject line) Course materials will be on class Ilearn site. You must have a sfsu account to access. Prerequisites : ENVS 300 , upper division standing and consent of instructor. May be repeated for a total of 6 units. Classroom and Time: Last Tuesday of month (Aug 30, Sept 27, Oct 25 and November 29) in BUS 222. Last day to hand in final assignment and logs will be 12/13 COURSE OBJECTIVES The internship has three major objectives; high quality work performance, enriched academic learning, and professional development. 1. High quality work performance. As an intern you will be required to volunteer/work for an agency, organization or company. You must make sure you understand what you are expected to do and you must do it well. As an intern, you represent the University to the larger community. You are expected to be conscientious and perform in the best way that you can. 2. Enriched Academic Learning: The internship is part of your academic curriculum, intended to supplement the more theoretical learning of books and classroom. It is this learning with which you are earning academic credit. This learning requires you to be a participant and observer. You will be asked to observe continually and closely, and to reflect critically on what you have observed in relationship to you broader academic and professional interests. It also requires you to go beyond the basic job requirements and do such things as read background material and other documents available in the office, attend staff meetings, and raise questions about your experience. Finally it requires you to articulate your observations and analysis in the written work you submit. 3. Professional Development. The internship allows you to develop knowledge skills and personal contacts that will contribute to your own career development. It offers you the opportunity to see how you like working in the field/organization of your choice, to obtain some critical experience that is required of many jobs. It also gives you the opportunity to learn about employment picture in this field to gain invaluable recommendations from people in the field, and to begin your own network of contacts who will help you gain access to this field. Fall 2011 Deadlines and Important dates: September 6: Last day to drop/add classes without petition or permit October 18: Last day to request CR/NC grading Nov 1: Last day for summer interns to turn in assignments Nov 21-25: T-giving break Dec 13: Last day to turn in final assignments
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ENVS 680 Fall 2011 8/16/11 Note on Course Units. The one unit section of ENVS 680 requires that students complete an internship of at least 80 hours of work. The two unit section of ENVS 680 requires an internship of 160 hours. The
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envs680-final_syllabus-Fall11[1] - ENVS 680 Fall 2011 ENVS...

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