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ENVS 680: INTERNSHIP B. HOLZMAN FALL 2011 SFSU ORGANIZATION ASSIGNMENT DUE IN CLASS: 9/27/11 Research the organization/agency/business you are interning at and type a brief (1-2 pages) description of that organization. Use 12 point font. Include the following with your description: Organization's/Employer’s name Main headquarters’ address, phone, web site, etc. Local address, phone, website (if applicable) Organization's mission or purpose? How long have they been in existence?
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Unformatted text preview: How did they start (how were they founded)? What do they do? What are their priorities? Who do they serve? Who are their members (if applicable)? How many members? What is the structure of their organization, (is there a board of trustees, executive board, CEO, president, staff, etc.)? Who is on the Board, names and who are they? How many people work at the local office? How many volunteers work at the local office? Do they have a specific intern program ?...
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