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terms2[1] - fertilization glycolate oxidase zygote embryo...

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carotenoids xanthophylls fucoxanthin phycobilins phycoerythrin thylakoids starch tinsel flagella alginic acid carageenan dichotomous branching vascular tissue phytoplankton gametic meiosis zygotic meiosis sporic meiosis alternation of generations dessication mutagenesis littoral zone multicellularity double fertilization heterokont heterothallic heterosporic heteromorphic homothallic homosporous isomorphic gamete gametangia gametophyte spore sporangia sporophyte sporophylls antheridia archegonia oogonia phycoplast phragmoplast open spindle closed spindle
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Unformatted text preview: fertilization glycolate oxidase zygote embryo cuticle stomata capsule sorus rhizome mega- vs. micro-ovule ovary integument monoecious dioecious deciduous evergreen stamen anther stigma style pollen pollination sepal calyx petal corolla endosperm seed coat protandry protogyny scarification stratification indehiscent dehiscent gemma carpel outbreeding syngamy spindle fibers greenhouse effect acid rain rhizosphere limnosphere biosphere A few more terms …. Quiz yourself...
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