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SCI 240 Review Worksheet for Lecture Exam 2 True/False: 1. ___ Euglenophytes have 3 plasma membranes around their chloroplasts. 2. ___ Chlorophytes have 2 plasma membranes around their chloroplasts. 3. ___ The charophyte lineage is sister group to animals. 4. ___ Plants first appeared on land about 500 million years ago. 5. ___ All vascular plants have an embryo stage 6. ___ In gymnosperms, pollination happens at the micropyle. 7. ___ In angiosperms, pollination happens at the stigma. 8. ___ The pollen tube is haploid 9. ___ Asexual reproduction promotes genetic diversity 10. ___ Angiosperm ovules have two integuments but gymnosperm ovules have only one. 11. ___ There is no triploid structure in gymnosperms. 12. ___ Gymnosperms have no ovary. 13. ___ Fruit develops from the megagametophyte. 14. ___ Bryophytes require water for fertilization 15. ___ Ferns are heterothallic 16. ___ Mosses are homosporous 17. ___ The earliest vascular plants had functioning stomata 18. ___ All lycophyta are homosporous Matching I: Match the characteristics with the phyla of algae- there will be more than one characteristic per group. __________Stramenopile a. Floridiean starch b. Anterior whiplash flagella __________Rhodophyta c. Alginic acid d. Chlorophyll a and b __________Chlorophytes e. paramylon f. fucoxanthin __________Euglenophytes g. CaCO 3 in wall h. three chlorplast membranes i. single thylakoids not in stacks Temporal sequence (order each column separately): ___Ovary ___Plants adapted to dry conditions are favored ___Micropyle ___Seeds evolved ___Embryo ____Pangea ___Stomata ____Age of gymnosperms
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Multiple choice: 1. Land plants have better protected gametangia with more layers of cells than their predecessors. Of the characters below which does not define a better protected gametangia: a. pigmented protective layer b. waterproof barrier to inhibit water loss c. barrier that inhibits UV radiation d. barrier that keeps in important microbes e. embedded in parent tissue 2. There were advantages to plants moving onto land. Which of the listed advantages is not one:
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EXAM_REVIEW_2[1] - S CI 240 R eview Worksheet for Lecture...

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