Final_Vertebrate_Phylogeny_Handout - Mammary Glands...

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SCI 240- Vertebrate Phylogeny Fill in the empty boxes and label the notches on the tree with the synapomorphies below: Keratinized Skin Vertebrae Amniotic Egg Synapsid Skull Diapsid Skull Four Legs Lobed Fins Jaws Teeth are lost Oviparous Mammal Hollow Bones Pouch Feathers
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Unformatted text preview: Mammary Glands Endothermy (2x) Placenta Anapsid Skull Bony Skeleton Tooth Enamel Bipedalism Lung or derivative Fur/Hair Behavioral Thermoregulation Separate Pulmonary & Systemic Circulation FIG 34.2- CHORDATE PHYLOGENY (Unlabeled for pratice)...
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Final_Vertebrate_Phylogeny_Handout - Mammary Glands...

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