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SCI 240 Extra Session #3 The Insects Order Examples Mouthparts Wings Metamorphosi s Other Thysanura Silverfish Chewing None! Lobe precursors? None, always molt Ancient. Flat, primitive, reduced eyes. Can infest buildings and become pests Odonata Dragonfly Damselfly Sharp toothed mandibles for chewing 2 pairs of large membranous wings, Inflexible Incomplete Active predators Enlogated abdomen Large compound eyes Orthoptera Grasshopper Cricket Chewing, biting and tearing 2 pairs, one leathery one membranous Pleated wings Incomplete Large jumping legs Herbivorous Rub body parts together for courtship sounds Hemiptera Stink bug Bed bug Piercing and sucking 2 pairs, one leathery one membranous. Folded flat on body and leathery at base Incomplete “True” bugs
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Unformatted text preview: Coleoptera Beetles Biting and chewing 2 pairs, one thick and stiff (Sclerotinized) the other membranous Complete Most diverse order Armored Exoskeleton Lepidoptera Butterflies Moths Proboscis (long and coiled) 2 pairs covered with tiny cales Complete Best Known Feed on nectar but also tears and blood Diptera Flies Mosquito Flies – sponging Mos- piercing and sucking 1 pair- the 2 nd pair is modified to halteres for balance Complete Scavengers, predators and parasites Hymenoptera Bees Wasps Ants Biting, sucking and chewing (well developed) 2 pairs, stiff and membranous Complete – all pupae Complex social structure Mobile head Females may have stingers...
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