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SCI_240_April_25[1] - Origin of Chordates April 25,...

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Unformatted text preview: Origin of Chordates April 25, 2011 Announcements •  Today’s extra session: Insects •  May 2nd  ­ Vertebrate phylogeny ac?vity •  May 9th ­ last class: –  Review for Lab Final: Jeopardy! –  Evalua?ons –  Extra session cancelled •  Final Lecture Exam Review Session on May 13th –  Time TBA (wai?ng on Doodle responses) –  Exam Review Worksheet ­ iLearn 1st week of May ReflecDons •  Confusing stuff: –  Acoelo ­, Pseudo ­, Coelomates (and schizo ­ vs enterocoelomates) –  Different body systems and their func?ons •  E ­mailed handout •  Last week’s class set up: –  Most of you liked it (but not all commented on that) –  Exercise was adapted from the “Characteris?cs of Invertebrates Ac?vity” from chapter 33, concept 33.5 of your book’s website. Use this resource! Body Cavity ­ Coelom •  What is a coelom? –  A body cavity lined by ?ssue derived only from mesoderm •  Acoelomate •  Pseudocoelomate •  Coelomate –  Schizocoelomate (protostomes) –  Enterocoelomate (deuterostomes) Acoelomates Pseudocoelomates Coelomates Embryonic Development of Coelomates: Schizo ­ vs. Enterocoelous Schizocoelous Enterocoelous Body Systems Body systems and their funcDons •  Diges?ve ­ breakdown food to acquire nutrients. –  Inges?on, Diges?on, Absorp?on and Elimina?on •  These can take place intracellularly, in a blind gut or complete gut •  Circulatory ­ Internal distribu?on of materials –  Circulate nutrients, gasses and collect wastes •  Gastro ­vascular cavity, and open or closed system Body systems and their funcDons •  Respiratory ­ gas exchange O2 and CO2 –  Diffusion, trachea, gills, lungs •  Excretory ­disposal of metabolic wastes, osmo?c balance of blood –  Flame Cells, Lateral Canal, Nephridia, Malphigian Tubules, Kidneys Body systems and their funcDons •  Nervous ­ sensory, integra?ve and motor –  Coordina?on of body ac?vi?es; detec?on of s?muli and formula?on of responses to them. –  Nerve Net, Nerve Cords, Sensory Organs, Brain It’s a Long Way from Amphioxus From: h`p://palaeoblog.blogspot.com/2008/06/amphioxus ­genome.html h`p://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UtHYiXpKh8&feature=related . Origin of Chordates and Chordate CharacterisDcs Concept Map Chordate CharacterisDcs ...
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