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ENVS 690 Senior Seminar 2010 1 ENVS 690-Spring 2010 Senior Seminar in ENVS Barbara Holzman, Ph.D. Class: Wed 4:10-6:55pm 278 HSS Office: 339 HSS Phone: (415) 338-7506 Office Hours Tu/W 9:30-10:30 and by appt. email: [email protected] This course represents the culminating experience for ENVS majors. It is intended to give graduating seniors the opportunity to develop an integrated and applied view of the undergraduate major. It will include directed readings, discussion, and research exploring the field of environmental studies; with special emphasis on timely issues and emerging trends. Discussion, guest lectures, and assignments will provide students with varied methodologies for transmitting their academic interests into addressing local problems. For the Final Project students from the various concentrations within the ENVS major will work collectively on a local environmental issue or problem with relevance to the SFBay Area and community. The course will further assist students in processes and techniques to finding employment or further study. Course Prerequisites : Senior standing in ENVS or related major. Readings: Reserved readings will be available in ILearn Teaching Method: Discussion, guest lectures, fieldwork, individual presentations and assigned readings. Grading and Evaluation Course grades will be based on: points T e a m p r o j e c t 1 0 0 Assignments given in class 70 Position paper and debate: 50 P o r t f o l i o 3 0 Attendance, discussion, participation 10 Total Points 260 All assignments are due on the date noted on the assignment, late assignments will be docked 10% the first week, and 20% for every week thereafter. NO EMAIL ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED . Missing classes will lead to lower grades. A "B/B+" means you've done what I have asked adequately, "As" are reserved for outstanding work. Comments: You are expected to respect your instructor and fellow classmates by arriving to class on time. Be aware that you disrupt class and prevent others from learning when you come to class late and talk while information is being presented. You will be asked to leave the class if you persist in these behaviors. You will be given time for small group and whole- class discussions. Cell phones must be turned off before you attend class. If your cell phone rings during the class period, you may be dismissed from the class or I may answer it. Be aware that the range of interests, experience, abilities and backgrounds in the class is
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ENVS 690 Senior Seminar 2010 2 large. What may seem quite easy to you may seem difficult to others, and vice versa. Be prepared to share your knowledge with others and to learn from your classmates. Attendance will be taken each class. Each student is allowed one unexcused absence without it affecting their participation grade. A percentage of this portion of the grade will be deducted each time a student has an unexcused absence after the initial one. Attendance is excused in the event of an illness, family crisis, or sanctioned university religious holiday. The nature of this course, in both breadth and content, draws on themes that may provoke
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ENVS690syls10draft-1[1] - ENVS 690 Senior Seminar 2010 ENVS...

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