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ENVS 690 Presentation (35 points) Rubric Spring 2010 Group Names _______________________________________________________________________ Subject _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _ Your presentation should include all the parts above, and be professional with graphics, maps, and handouts as necessary. All members of the group must participate in the presentation at some level. You should be well practiced so that no one is reading to the group. Use slides or other aids to get your points across. You will have 30 minutes to present plus 10 minutes for questions and discussion. Points Content: (see notes above for explanation of parts) An introduction (5) Methodology, (5) Results and Discussion (10) Conclusion (5) Presentation style (10) Organization Clarity Participation Relation to audience Timing Total Points ___________ Comments :
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ENVS 690 Project assignment Rubric Spring 2010
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Project_assignment_Rubric_for_presentation_and_paper[1] -...

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