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Unformatted text preview: CHEM/ENVS 380 Spring 2010 Assignment‐1: Survey and Presentation on Ground Level Pollutants PART‐I (Due Thu Feb 25 via iLearn) Work on this part on your own. Visit iLearn to find out which of the seven ground‐level air pollutants you have been assigned to. Following instructions given below, gather and summarize information on your pollutant, and prepare a short report. The report must be typed, single spaced, no longer than 2 pages (including references), and written in your own words. Do not use quotation marks. A list of references must also be included. Reports without correct citation will receive zero credit. Pollutant (find your assigned pollutant on iLearn): #1 Nitrogen oxides (NOx) #5 Methane (CH4) #6 Mercury (Hg) #2 Sulfur dioxide (SO2) #3 Carbon monoxide (CO) #7 Particulate matter (PM) #4 Ground‐level ozone (O3) Preparing Your Report: Your overall task is to gather and summarize some basic information about your assigned pollutant. The report should be prepared with the intent of disseminating the information to parties that are curious about the pollutant, but have limited knowledge of it. To keep your discussion focused, include answers to the following questions: 1. What are the physicochemical properties of this pollutant? 2. What are the major sources of this pollutant, and what makes this substance an environmental and/or health hazard? 3. What is the temporal trend of the concentration of this substance in the air? Is it currently increasing, decreasing, or remaining stable? Have there been changes in emissions? 4. Can you link any of our routine daily activities to the production and emission of this pollutant? If so, what are they? 5. What did you find most interesting, or surprising about the pollutant, and why? Do not include Figures. But consider using them for PART‐II. Some Useful Web Sites: California Air Resources Board, EPA, UNEP Mercury Programme, Submitting Your Report Using Turnitin on iLearn: The deadline is 11:55pm, Thursday Feb 25. Submit via iLearn as a Turnitin assignment. Turnitin will generate an Originality Report, which is a measure of how much your text matches up with existing text (either on the web, or in previous student assignment submissions). There will be no opportunities for revisions, so please make sure you write in your own words. PART‐II (March 2) On Tuesday, March 2, the class will be divided into 14 groups according to the assigned pollutant. Each group will appoint a Moderator, Recorder, and Presenter. You will be given 20 min to go over everybody’s answers to Q1‐5, plus any additional findings, and to summarize the upshots. The Presenter will be asked to give a short (no longer than 3 min) presentation on the group’s findings. The audience is encouraged to ask questions. (Note to the Presenter: It’s OK if you don’t know the answer.) If you find figures on the web that you think might be useful for the presentation, bring them along on a flashdrive, or note down the URL so they can be displayed in class. Grading: Individual Report 20 points Group presentation 5 points ...
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