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C_E_380_schedule_S10_REVISED[1] - 578-597 16-Mar 11 Acid...

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CHEM/ENVS 380, Spring 2010 REVISED ON MARCH 23, 2010 Date Lec# Topic Reading 26-Jan 1 Introduction none 28-Jan 2 Concentrations, units, and manipulating numbers handouts 2-Feb 3 Stratospheric ozone-1: Long-term trends; chemicals that cause ozone destruction 27-29, 77-87 4-Feb 4 Stratospheric ozone-2: Physics and chemistry of the ozone layer 30-40 9-Feb 5 Stratospheric ozone-3: Mechanisms of ozone production and destruction 40-55 11-Feb 6 Stratospheric ozone-4: The Antarctic ozone hole 59-76 16-Feb Exam-1 18-Feb 7 Oxidation-reduction reactions Libes Ch. 7 23-Feb No class meeting (instr. at conference this week). Work on Assignment-1 web resources 25-Feb No class meeting. PART-I of Assignment-1 due electronically by midnight web resources 2-Mar Ground-level air pollution-1: Group Presentations (PART-II of Assignment-1) 4-Mar 8 Ground-level air pollution-2: Photochemical smog basics 91-126, AP 1-14 9-Mar 9 Ground-level air pollution-3: Mechanism of smog formation 175-196 11-Mar 10 Acid-base reactions and the carbonate system
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Unformatted text preview: 578-597 16-Mar 11 Acid rain 126-132, 147-155 18-Mar 12 Global warming and ocean acidification-- TBD 23-Mar Exam-2 25-Mar 13 Global warming-1: The greenhouse effect and the role of CO2 205-225 30-Mar Spring Recess 1-Apr Spring Recess 6-Apr 14 Global warming-2: Greenhouse gases other than CO2 229-251 8-Apr 15 Global warming-3: Energy and CO2 261-294 13-Apr 16 Renewable energy and alternative fuels 311-348 15-Apr 17 Hydrogen 350-363 20-Apr Review session (attendance is optional) 22-Apr Exam-3 27-Apr Group Discussions on a Selected Topic handouts 29-Apr 18 Water pollution: Eutrophication and anoxia 557-568, Spiro&Stigliani 319-328 4-May 19 Anthropogenic sources of N and P 636-642, Spiro&Stigliani 357-363 6-May 20 Persistent organic pollutants and bioaccumulation 415-434 11-May 21 Mercury in the environemnt 663-678, Cristol et al. (2008) 13-May Review session (attendance is optional) 18-May Final Exam 8:00-10:30am...
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