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C_E_380_Syllabus_S10_Jan_17[1] - CHEM/ Spring2010,3units...

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1/18/2010 Komada CHEM/ENVS 380 Chemistry Behind Environmental Pollution Spring 2010, 3 units T, TH 8:10 9:25AM, Science 210 Instructor: Dr. Tomoko Komada, [email protected] Campus Office (T, TH only): Thornton Hall 712, no phone in this office Tiburon Office (M, W, F): Romberg Tiburon Center, Bldg 36 Room 207, phone: (415) 338 3748 Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:40 11:00 AM, Thornton Hall 712 Text: Baird C. and Cann M. (2008) Environmental Chemistry, 4th ed., Freeman, New York. A copy is on reserve at the library. Course Website: access by going to http://ilearn.sfsu.edu Supplementary Reading Materials (posted on course website or handed out in class) : Libes S.M. (1992) An Introduction to Marine Biogeochemistry, Wiley, New York. Spiro T.G. and Stigliani W.M. (2003) Chemistry of the Environment, Second edition, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle Back River, NJ. Additional articles from the current literature Objectives: This course will focus on a variety of traditional and contemporary topics in environmental chemistry. The overall
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