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CHEM/ENVS 380 Spring 10 Study Guide for Exam-3 Please remember to bring along a calculator with you on the day of the test. Lecture-13 (The Greenhouse Effect and the Role of CO 2 ) 1. What is the level of CO 2 in the atmosphere today, approximately? How does this concentration compare to levels observed prior to the Industrial Revolution (mid 1800s)? Over the past 650,000 years? What makes this a matter of concern? 2. Incoming solar radiation consists of what portions of the electromagnetic spectrum? How much of this total incoming radiation is absorbed by the Earth’s surface? By the atmosphere? How much is reflected (and what is this portion called)? 3. What region of the electromagnetic spectrum makes up much of the radiation leaving Earth? 4. Explain the natural Greenhouse Effect (GHE). How does it work? What will happen to Earth without the GHE? Which gases are involved in the GHE? Which gas is most important? 5. What is the enhanced GHE? How does it work? How does it differ from the natural GHE? Which gases are involved? 6. What makes a gas a greenhouse gas? Be able to name the major greenhouse gases, both natural and anthropogenic. 7. How does human activity contribute to the GHE? 8. What is the atmospheric window? What is its environmental significance? 9. Analyze this statement: “The size of the annual anthropogenic CO 2 emission is a fraction of the corresponding gross emission from the natural biosphere.” Is this correct? Think about the meaning of this statement with respect to current trends in atmospheric CO 2 . 10. What major human activities result in net emission of CO
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Study_Guide-3_S10 - CHEM/ENVS 380 Spring 10 Study Guide for...

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