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Kristina Baker Harlem Renaissance 9:30 February 11, 2010 Marcus Garvey and the Harlem Renaissance Marcus Garvey was born in St. Ann’s Bay in Jamaica on August 17, 1887. He is the youngest out of his eleven siblings, which can attribute to why Garvey was such a self-motivated and determined man. Due to financial problems, Garvey had to move out of his family’s home to live with his godfather, who taught Garvey how to be a printer. Learning the trade of printing, gave Garvey unlimited access to a library and taught him techniques that helped his writing abilities. When he was seventeen years old, Garvey moved to Kingston to work as a printer for his uncle. In Kingston, he learned public speaking skills and became a foreman for a printing company called P.A. Benjamin Company. In 1911, he began to travel outside of Jamaica to countries of Central America, such as, Panama, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Colombia. While traveling, Garvey saw the pain and suffering the people of these countries went through. This influenced Garvey to move to London to get a higher education at London University. During his time in London, he visited Africa to observe the living conditions of black people in the British Empire. While living in London he read
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marcus garvey - Kristina Baker Harlem Renaissance 9:30...

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