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Sarah Johnson Comp2….TR3:30-4:45 4-22-10 Rough draft Laws Against Puppy Mills “The estimated population of dogs in the USA varies from 44 to 55 million,” and “approximately 20% of dogs in the USA enter a shelter each year and half of these are killed.” (Stafford 183). One of the four reasons why a dog ends of at a shelter or the pound is due to being found during an animal welfare investigation within puppy mills. The lack of enforcement by the state departments of agriculture and the USDA means that thousands of dogs will be left to suffer in inhumane and inadequate conditions. They need to shut down all the loopholes. A loophole is a way of escaping a difficulty, especially an error or uncertainty in the wording of a law or contract that provides a means of evading agreement. Internet purchases are an example of a loophole. Puppies sold online go through a loophole where they do not go through inspection or regulation. “If you buy a puppy from a pet shop, you run a high risk of taking home a sick animal.” (ASPCA 4). Puppy mills should be eliminated from our society. There are some laws being passed so that they can be enforced. Will the laws that are against puppy mills change the
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outcome or the conditions of the puppies being sold? The conditions of the puppies are important to the new owners that are buying them. There are several different laws trying to be passed or have been passed to improve the lives of the dogs and puppies. Some examples of those are: Federal bills 6949, 2525, 2745; Federal and State bill 1712, and State bill 1332. A puppy mill is a large-scale breeding operation that produces a massive number of puppies for profit. They are inhumane in their treatment of breeding dogs and puppies. Many are disgusting, and “are run by people who have no idea about or concern for the genetic implications of breeding or about what dogs require in terms of basic health care and socialization.” (Learn about….1). The breeding dogs are kept in the most unacceptable conditions; the dogs are confined to small wire cages for their entire lives, fed incorrectly, kept in unheated buildings, and not given basic veterinary care. “The breeding dogs are sick, wounded, and malnourished. And their lives are miserable. When their breeding usefulness is over, they may be killed or dumped. Large-scale mills do not take their older dogs to shelters, as a rule, because they don’t want to draw attention to themselves.” (Learn about….1). The dogs that are
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Comp 2 - Sarah Johnson Comp2.TR3:30-4:45 Rough draft Laws...

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