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Sarah Johnson 1-25-10 Comp.2 1213.080 3:30pm My Opinion on Genetically Modified Foods Genetically Modified foods have its pros and cons. So are Genetically Modified foods good or bad? My opinion on GM (known as Genetically Modified foods) is that it could possibly be good for you. If they add the extra gene of the same vegetable as referred within the text “Academic Universe”, then I believe it would become helpful to the person eating the vegetable. It would give them more nutrients and also minerals, so when someone eats the veggies they would become healthier. I do not think it would be good to eat vegetables that have the gene of an animal, bacteria, a fungus, or a virus; or within any type of foods. If I knew that those genes were in my food, I definitely would not be eating that vegetable. Just the thought of having fungus, bacteria, some sort of a virus, or animal in my food would not allow me to eat
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Unformatted text preview: it. I feel unsafe with not only, not knowing what kinds of different genes they are putting into the foods but also how much of the product they are adding. I believe that they have good intensions about making the foods better and helping people, but do we know the results of eating these foods or what the outcome is. Would the outcome be good or bad? In other ways Genetically Modified foods are good when used as a resistant against bugs/pests. This is a great idea because then there is a larger outcome of the crops, when not being destroyed by the bugs. Genetically Modified foods are also used for medicine which I guess that it is alright; it is for a good purpose. I think it is quite interesting how they figure out what kinds of foods can be used to better our lives....
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