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sweatshops(300 word) - with them. The G-8 would like to...

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Sarah Johnson Comp.2 1213.080 3:30pm Sweatshops Sweatshops are good because they give children the chance to have a job and to start providing for them. Sweatshops allow young children, whose parents cannot afford to care for them, to work for money so they can be able to buy themselves meals and not starve. Children will leave their homes, and even drop out of school to go work in sweatshops. Sweatshops are the first careers to some and this helps them work up to something else when they get older. “…a sweatshop job is the first step on life’s escalator.” (A.U., p.74) There is a group that would like to put an end to these children working in the sweatshops. This group is known as G-8 (group of eight). It consists of the following countries; Canada, the United States, France, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, German, and Italy. There are also some anti-sweatshops activists that work
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Unformatted text preview: with them. The G-8 would like to start a pro-sweatshop campaign. They want to get rid of sweatshops, but know if they do then they will not be helping the ones working there. So in the meantime will be discussing what there is for them to help out these people over in the third-world countries. Because if the United States would stop accepting products that are being produced over in these third-world country sweatshops, then a bunch of children will be losing their jobs. In the Academic Universe text, there is an article written by Nicholas D. Kristof which is called Let Them Sweat. In this article, a boy of the name Ahemed, makes carpets within the sweatshops, says that This makes much more money and is more comfortable. (p.73) Sweatshops are good, because it provides a lifestyle for the ones who need it the most....
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