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During the last several weeks, our discussions have addressed the effects and role of globalization on governance, markets and culture. We have often disputed the significance, consequences, dilemmas, and contradictions of globalization in relation to these issues. Some of the most prominent and reoccurring themes of these discussions have been the notions of westernization/hegemony, homogenization/adaptation, or maintaining/protecting the status quo. In a well-written and organized essay, your assignment is to present 2 separate cases (one governance, one market, and/or one culture – you cannot write on 2 cases from the same pillar) from any reading this quarter. With each case one must argue how the case embodies the theme of westernization/hegemony, homogenization/adaptation, and/or the maintenance of the status quo. Firstly, make sure to clearly identify the case and the reason(s) for its occurrence. Secondly, specify what issue is involved? Governance? Cultural practices?
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