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2nd midterm political views

2nd midterm political views - • Political 3 types of men...

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Aristotle Social hierarchy—master slave Political animals—speech is key component Mixing of metals will cause chaos Moderation—cannot be too extreme or will not last Plato Believes in utopia Opposite of more Knows nothing Philosopher kings will never occur—thus society will always be unjust Disconnect from political activity Machiavelli Better to be feared than loved Appear virtuous and merciful yet act with cruelty when the order of the state is in jeopardy Principalities—hereditary or new, ministers or nobles War is absolutely necessary to know o The unarmed man cannot command the armed man
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Unformatted text preview: • Political 3 types of men • Political disconnect between the people • More • Communal property absurd—will be no respect for authority • Private property needed to fuel economic progress • Social hierarchy needed • Pleasure is good with social Hobbes • As long as there is justice, type of government doesn’t matter • Man is violent • Society is artificial • Man seeking peace in unstable violent world—creates the leviathan social contract for protection • Man is worse than animal •...
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