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3rd midterm author notes

3rd midterm author notes - ROUSSEAU The origin of...

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ROUSSEAU The origin of inequality second discourse the first man who, having enclosed a piece of ground bethought himself of saying this is mind, and found people simple enough to believe him, as the real founder of civil society humanity could have been spared infinite crimes wars, homicides, murders, if only someone had ripped up the fences or filled in the ditches and said, do not listen to this pretender! You are eternally lost if you do not remember that the fruits of earth are everyone’s property and that the land is no ones property Property But by that point things had changed so drastically that there as no turning back, for this idea of property hitch develops out of prior ideas, did not form spontaneously in the human mind. Men had to progress acquiring knowledge and arts, transmitting and increasing these from generation to generation before they reached the last stage in the natural human state. - Human beings go into a progressive history, at a price, a lost of happiness. Self improvement human response to the challenges of nature: knowledge and technical invention the new intelligence which resulted from this development increased his superiority over other animals making him sensible of it. He would now endeavor therefore to ensnare them would play them a thousand tricks and though many of them might surpass him in swiftness or in strength would in the time become the master of some and the scourge of others.- we compete with animals and think we are superior, self-esteem begins when human beings compare themselves to animals. Thus the first time he looked into himself, he felt the first emotion of pride, and at a time when he scarce knew how to distinguish the different orders of beings, by looking upon his species as of the highest order, he prepared the way for assuming pre eminence as an individual - as hobbes says this aggressiveness is here from the beginning. Rusou says that we are compassionate animals. However as soon as we compare ourselves to animals we discovered pride... Social interactions taught by expierence that the love of well being is the sole motive of human actions, he found himself in a position to distinguish the fe cases in which mutual interest might justify him in relying upon the assistance of his fellows, and also the still fewer cases in which a conflict of interests might give cause to suspect them. - impulse or drive to self preservation, the more e get into the argument the more we discover that human beings of
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rusou are pretty selfish. They learn how to be together from precisely their expierence of self interests. In the former case he joined in the same herd with them of at most in some kind of loose association. - community is the sum total of individual interests.
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3rd midterm author notes - ROUSSEAU The origin of...

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