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3rd midterm ideas

3rd midterm ideas - • primitive communism modern...

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Rousseau – Second Discourse on Inequality compassion and preservation before reason: natural state of nature civil society happiness addiction and unhappiness leisure comparison competition vanity pride=equality natural inequality moral inequality state follows state o nature civil laws preserve inequality individualism Bentham – Principles of Morals and Legislation pain and pleasure utilitarianism o reason social bonds, friendships personal pleasure helps overall society civil laws attempt to maximize society society is natural Marx and Engels – Communist Manifesto and Origins
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Unformatted text preview: • primitive communism modern communism o Inevitable • Savagery agri feudal capita—(B or P)=revolution som communism • Free market is an illusion • Economy drives all • Class struggle history • Division of labor, private property Hobbes - Leviathan • Leviathan • Aggressive natural, violent • Man is worst than animals • Leviathan is just as long as the people are protected Aristotle - Politics • Social animals • Moderation, not too extreme • Epicurian: have a say but not leaders • Slaves appendages...
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