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3rd Midterm Study Guide

3rd Midterm Study Guide - 3rd Midterm Study Guide Rousseau...

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3rd Midterm Study Guide Rousseau the man who thought the land was his and found people dumb enough to believe him created the first civil society. o at this point, was the cause of all wars, homicides and murders. o if someone only ripped up the land and said they it was for everyone o You are eternally lost if you do not remember that the fruits of earth are everyone’s property and that the land is no ones property Man believes he is better than others through the idea of technological innovation o superiority over other animals We are compassionate animals until we compare ourselves--when we discover pride, self-esteem begins Love of self-being is the sole motive of human actions. o Self-preservation o People learn how to live together based on their experience of self-interest Communities form out of individual interest and out of individuals seeking private advantage With the rise of the family came a new kind of society that was bonded by
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