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Freud will be on it No repetition of previous passages on tests Engels on private property Freud disagrees with Marx in the sense that we will be able to reacb a point of happiness amongst ourselves because we are innately aggressive and greedy. Freud is ambivalent about civilization Channel your aggresivness into things that are socially aceeptable Does not believe that we will one day be truly happy, we have innate desires that will prevent that. Mental illness is a result of not being able to bring your desires out P. 44 concept of sublimation Redirecting or channeling our instincts Keeping our desires in check and making them socially acceptable allows us to live with each other. Sort of similar to hobbes in this sense, government allowing us to live with each other, an internal sovereign or an internal leviathan
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Unformatted text preview: Oceanic feeling—feeling connected to god in order to pursue your desires, a feeling to connect with the world because people alone are vulnerable Bentham says pursueing your pleasures is a moral good Hobbes sees that people can return to the state of nature, while Rousseau believes that we can never return to that state of nature. Hobbes believes we can always descend into chaos Marx seeking an equal distribution of pleasure Machiavelli—when humans discovered what justice is At first it is merely the strongest, but with time they redefine what a just leader is and the idea of justice evolves. Big themes: • Private property • State of nature • Relationship of pleasure to happiness...
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