Week 7 Discussion

Week 7 Discussion - person Utilitarianism Government finds...

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Week 7 Discussion Bentham o Follow your life based on the wanting of pleasure or the fear of pain. o Principle of Utility Strive for the greatest good for the greatest number of people o Pleasure is the motivation as the individual naturally pursues for himself o Pain constitutes pleasure Pleasure is taking into account long term consequences and not just running around attempting to please oneself Taking into account the consequences for everyone involved Anticipatory Critiques of Utilitarianism o Worried that people are going to call it selfish o Its subjective to what individuals think is morally correct or incorrect o There is no one to determine what is good and bad Utilitarianism allows you to make ethical judgments based solely on reason o The ability to determine reason through a set of norms o A way to evaluate and compare norms in order to reach common ground Natural rights o The idea that everyone has an argument based on being a
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Unformatted text preview: person Utilitarianism Government finds grounds for agreement of reason Cannot be completely independent with globalization More humanistic perspective in a world that is increasingly interconnected o Must be more thoughtful of others based on population density increasing Utilitarianism is more based on action through reason as natural rights are more based on personal emotion Scope in terms of long term is more important with issues of global warming, etc. Without common ground of reason there is no society Utilitarianism isnt saying that people are perfect, it is merely saying the we find common ground in an effort to live our lives more efficiently and prosperously which is the core argument of the natural rights. Therefore, natural rights philosophy isnt possible without taking in utilitarian ideals....
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Week 7 Discussion - person Utilitarianism Government finds...

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