9th week tuesday notes

9th week tuesday notes - 5th Republic-continue to de...

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5th Republic -continue to de debates about what kind of constitution France should have - weaker vs. stronger executive branch -5th republic is a hybrid: not pure presidential or pure parliamentary - marriage of presidential and parliamentary Charles DeGaulle: huge bearing on the initial constitutional arrangements (summer of 1958) came out of self-imposed political exile, became president - saved France from itself again - very strong president - tends to blame proportional representation 3rd republic had single-member districts, still had mulit-partyism and constitutional instability - DeGaulle was not a big believer in the constitutional system -democracy was a value BUT he was miss trust-full of multiple parties?paralysis for indecision and immobilize - Like most right-hand politicians of his time -early 1960?s?referendum to provide for popular election of presidency 1965: re-elected for 7 year term 1968/1969: tumultuous years, Spring of 1968 was time of enormous student radicalization?conditions in French universities - public sector workers are unionized, very powerful - DeGaulle blamed outside agitators, called in the military - *Thinness of commitment to democracy, really about him holding political power Spring of 1969: another referendum?about the legitimacy of DeGaulle, weakening of the powers of the upper house of the legislature (the Senate) - Defeated - DeGaulle resigns 4 years into second term - Georges Pompedu? Took over as president - Dies of heart attack in 1974 1981: economic difficulties?pendulum switches from right to the left ?Pink Wave? -
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9th week tuesday notes - 5th Republic-continue to de...

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